Google announces Android 3.1, available on Verizon Xoom today

Google has just announced Android 3.1, and it's rolling out to Verizon Xoom 3G customers today. It brings with it a range of improvements and refinements including resizeable widgets, and a new host mode that will let you import photos to your tablet directly from your digital camera, and take advantage of a "ridiculous" number of USB devices, even including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers. It also includes Google's new Movies app that will let you rent thousands of movies from the Android market, a new Books app, a new video editing app dubbed Movie Studio, and updated versions of most of Google's main apps, including a "faster" web browser with a new Quick Controls menu -- and to top things off, the OS will be hitting Google TV sometime "this summer" as well. Unfortunately, there's still no firm word on when it will hit non-Xoom 3G tablets, although Google did mention that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that it's giving away to everyone at IO will be getting the update in the "next couple of weeks."