OpenPaths lets you visualize your iPhone location data, donate it to science (video)

What use could science possibly have for your iPhone location data? Well, you won't be curing cancer, but you could theoretically be contributing to epidemiology, land use surveys, or a study proving that people move around just as quickly on foot in New York as they do inching down the 405 in LA. At least that's the idea behind OpenPaths, a web-based tool that lets you securely and anonymously "donate" your cache. If you've upgraded to iOS 4.3.3, your iPhone will no longer store your location, but there should be plenty of coordinates spinning around on your hard drive to play with. After downloading the OpenPaths Uploader, you'll be able to visualize your own location information, and even if you've somehow deleted the data from your computer, the tool will search Time Machine backups (for Mac users) -- a little scary, no? Of course, there's always potential for misuse with any such service, but a researcher probably won't care that those late nights at the office were actually spent in Cindy's home office, unless that researcher also happens to be your wife.