Parallels pairs Server app with Mac mini

Here's something worthwhile for small businesses to consider. Parallels is offering a Mac mini edition of its Server for Mac 4.0. It might be just the thing for a business or end user that wants to consolidate a few servers on one low cost piece of hardware. The software allows a user to run Mac, Windows or Linux applications on a Mac mini, or run up to two virtual machines on one mini.

The software comes with what Parallels calls 'one-click' tools to optimize Windows and Linux virtual machines, and the server software can be updated automatically. You can get a PDF data sheet here.

The software is available as an electronic download for US$299, and a back-up install disc is available for an additional $14.95. That might seem pricey, but when you consider all of the software that Parallels Server lets you run and play with on just a Mac mini, it's actually rather comparatively cheap.