Nintendo launching 3DS eShop on June 7, sharing some E3 love with everyone

We know where we're going to be on June 7th: surfing across the sea of concrete better known as Los Angeles, looking at lots of games and wishing we'd packed more comfortable shoes. That's E3 time and, while you very well may be at home living vicariously, thanks to Nintendo you'll be able to get a bit of what's happening out there right in your handheld over here -- if you bought a 3DS. On June 7th Nintendo will release its long-promised update, which will finally bring the ability to download titles directly to the system through the eShop. The Japanese update will be launching a day earlier and is said to feature Virtual Console emulation as well as a 3D movie player, giving us hope that the promised Netflix support will be there for us. What else will we be hoping for at E3? Probably a foot massage. Any takers?

Update: Nintendo has now also officially announced that the update will hit Europe on June 7th, bringing with it eShop access and a web browser.

[Thanks, Jan]