LG Optimus Black arrives at T-Mobile UK for free (gasp!)

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|05.13.11

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LG Optimus Black arrives at T-Mobile UK for free (gasp!)
Sure, its 700 nit Nova Display is bright, but it doesn't quite approach Apple's excellence, and its 1GHz processor comes across a touch sluggish, but attach "Free" to LG's Optimus Black and instantly there's a whole lotta value crammed in these 9.2 millimeters. That's the story over at T-Mobile UK, anyway, which is giving the Android 2.2 handset away with any two-year plan over £25. Just think, once you convince a friend to also throw down nothing for this handset, you'll be exchanging laughs, tunes and memories over WiFi Direct -- once you find an app that supports it, anyway. As for mainland Europe, your Optimus Black will be arriving shortly, but don't get too huffy if your particular carrier isn't quite so philanthropic.
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