Logitech Revue price drops to $199 on Amazon

While we wait for the OTA update that will bring Android 3.1 to existing Google TV devices, Logitech's Revue -- check the official blog post linked below for some of the features being added -- has apparently already received its price cut and CrunchGear points out it is currently available for $199 on Amazon. As we noted a couple of weeks ago when the company announced weak sales and a plan to drop the price to $249, getting the price under two bills was probably as important as smoothing out the software experience. Of course, after Google I/O we wonder if anyone interested in Google TV is still jonesing for a launch device (even with the promise of updated software and Android Market access in the future) when something newer and better is likely on the way. After all, you can get Honeycomb on a T-Mobile G1 now, but that doesn't mean you would want to do it.