iOS 5 speech recognition concept showcased in video

iOS speech recognition concept

Recent rumors and a patent application suggest an upcoming version of iOS will include some form of speech recognition. Inspired by these revelations, graphic designer Jan-Michael Cart created a short video that shows how Apple could add this speech-to-text functionality to iOS 5.

His conceptualization takes speech recognition one step further than the patent, which focus on calling only. Cart envisions a world where speech is incorporated into the core of iOS and used throughout the user interface. For example, a long-press of the home button would launch the speech recognition module and let you create text messages. An API could be made available to developers so that they could add speech recognition to their applications. It's an interesting concept that would make many users happy if Apple implements speech-to-text in this way. Read on for Jan-Michael Cart's concept video.

[Via iPhoneDownloadBlog]