Select AT&T Android devices may get app sideloading as early as today

It's a classic romantic tale of "network meets OS, network disables OS," and just like any love story, this one is building up to a happy ending. Fourteen months after AT&T introduced a lineup of crippled Android phones that weren't allowed to install third-party apps, the carrier extended an olive branch to fans of the OS by quietly slipping the sideloading capability onto the Samsung Infuse 4G; now, the network is reportedly updating three members of its Android lineup -- the HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Aria, and Samsung Captivate -- sometime today. We're sure there were many Atrix users scanning this short list with fingers crossed, but unfortunately your phone did not make the cut this time. No word on why your favs were left out, but at least four devices with Amazon Appstore access is still better than zero. At present time we haven't seen the updates get pushed to our phones, however, so we'd love to hear if any of you have seen differently down in comments below.