Apple proposing smaller SIM standard?

It looks like the Micro SIM (announced with Apple's first iPad last year) is destined to shed a few more grams, an Orange spokeswoman said -- contradicting an earlier rumor claiming that Apple is trying to kill off the chip altogether. SIM cards in their current form have been in use for over a decade (a Micro SIM is simply a standard chip without the extra plastic), and today's devices look nothing like the cell phones of 2001, so it's no surprise that the SIM we've come to love and loathe has run its course. If adopted only by Apple devices, however, a new form factor would be an incredible setback for iPhone unlockers, since an unlocked device is useless unless multiple carriers offer a compatible SIM. Apple has submitted its proposal to ETSI with support from Orange, which says we may even see the smaller SIM sliding into devices next year.