TiVo pricing changes May 19th: $100 Premiere, $20 / month service, $500 lifetime for all

According to emails being sent out to existing customers, TiVo will streamline its pricing options in a couple of days, offering the Premiere for $99.99 and the Premiere XL for $299 with one year service commitments at $19.99 monthly or product lifetime service for $499.99. The new options are seen above in the picture posted by skaggs at TiVo Community, detailing the pricing that will apply to all TiVos, no matter where they're purchased from. The new pricing drops the total cost for lifetime service, but we'll let you figure out all the arithmetic and decide if you want to upgrade or jump into the Premiere before or after the service plans change. If you still need convincing, there's also word of a new 14.8 software update just starting to roll out, while the Virgin Media TiVo can apparently expect a fix for standard def picture quality to arrive soon.