HTC touts early Flyer sales, promises NFC-equipped phone within a year

It's still not dishing much in the way of specifics, but it looks like HTC is at least cautiously optimistic about the success of its Flyer tablet -- or, as the company's top exec in Europe, Florian Seiche, put it at a recent Reuters summit: "it's early days but we feel very good about it." Seiche also unsurprisingly talked up tablets in general, and said that he thought schools would "probably" shift from textbooks to tablets in "five years' time," adding that "we can't even guess the potential" in terms of the broader impact on society. Naturally, he also suggested that HTC plans to tap into that growing market with a whole range of new tablets beyond the Flyer. In terms of smartphones, Seiche said that HTC will be rolling out its first NFC-equipped phone within the next twelve months, and he reaffirmed the company's commitment to Windows Phone 7, which he expects will see a boost from Nokia (which he says will in turn benefit HTC).