Intel promises more than 10 new tablets at Computex, including Android and MeeGo versions

For all its processing might, Intel is a non-player in the booming tablet space. Consumers, no longer trapped in the WinTel PC juggernaut, are increasingly opting for devices running software experiences optimized for more power efficient ARM processors. Intel hopes to break back into the market it once dominated with the release of "more than ten new tablets" at Computex later this month. Navin Shenoy, Intel general manager for Asia Pacific, elaborated saying "more than 35" tablets equipped with Intel chipsets are on track to ship this year. Of course, Intel chief Paul Otellini already told us that he'd have MeeGo, Windows, and Android tablets on display at the big Taiwan event. Just imagine it: Honeycomb on an Oak Trail tablet. We'll be bringing it to you live when Computex kicks off on May 31st.