MiLi slims down and shuts up with Pico Projector 2

MiLi's earlier attempts at pocket projectors not pico enough for your tastes? The company has shaved off a few precious millimeters, putting the straightforwardly named Pico Projector 2 at somewhere around the thickness of two iPhone 4s -- all said, the thing seems to look a lot like its predecessor to us, in spite of its "massively reduced bulk." The company has also dropped the fan -- rendering it effectively silent -- and has given the thing better battery life, at around two and a half hours of 10-lumen mini video projection on a charge, according to distributor, BeamBox. The bantam iPhone magic lantern is set to start shipping in the UK on May 25th for £280 ($452), with a US version coming in the next few weeks, because everyone loves a sequel, right?