NVIDIA driver page outs 3D Vision support for Dell XPS 15z, surprises no one

Michael Dell may aim to tease, but NVIDIA is just giving it away: a recent driver update lists Dell's upcoming XPS 15z laptop as one of several snagging 3D Vision 3DTV Play, scoring prospective buyers 3D gaming via NVIDIA-supported 3DTVs. Little surprise here, considering the 15z's predecessor rocked a GeForce GT 540M (also 3DTV Play supported), which we'll note, falls under this driver update. Although we're still short on official hardware specs, we won't be shocked if the 15z has the graphical chops to handle Duke Nukem Forever, Portal 2, or any of the other 3D Vision games whose profiles were added in the update. Now, the real question: would the Dell dude approve?

[Thanks, Tigrux]