Grace One electric bicycle is ready for purchase, our bank accounts are still preparing (video)

Your average electric bicycle has a basket on the front and a lot of shame in the rear. Not the Grace One. When we first saw it almost two years ago, in the fall of 2009, it looked... well it looked like a pretty kickass bike. Since then the design has been thoroughly refined, the frame redesigned, but still the stacked projector headlamps remain in their aluminum housing in front of the bars. They're a hint at the high-tech nature of this bike, which features integrated Li-ion batteries that charge in about an hour and spin a hub-mounted motor in the rear wheel, giving you a top speed of 30MPH and a range of up to 31 miles -- all for a mere €4,199 ($6,000). If your finances can manage it the bike is available now, but if they can't you'll have to make do with a celebratory video of the thing in action after the break. Word of advice: get those glow sticks cracked and shaken up before you hit play.

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Grace starts series production with Grace One E-Motorbike

E-mobility revolutionized our way of transportation. With design, engine power and driving performance GRACE sets a milestone in this new era.

GRACE managed to set up a series production for its exclusive E-Motorbike to make it available for a larger market. The GRACE ONE is the result.

Matching the GRACE PRO in power, driving pleasure and aesthetics, the use of factory-made components enabled us to lower the customer price to 4199 €. Quality made in Germany.

By now GRACE already provides a pan-european network of 50 retailers. Our customers are spread all over the world ranging from Australia, South-Africa to Taiwan.

One and a half years ago the GRACE PRO E-Motorbike showcased for the first time in an art gallery in central Berlin.

Invented and designed by young entrepreneur Mikel Hecken for his daily trips from Biesenthal to Berlin. For the development of his own vehicle concept, Hecken found the ideal partner in Kalle Nicolai, owner of renowned mountain-bike manufacturer Nicolai GmbH.

The result is a high-tech E-Motorbike that is perfectly suited to match individual customer demands.

GRACE ONE is presented to the public on May 19, 2011. The Grace launch event takes place in Collectors Room in Berlin.