NEC's dual-screen LifeTouch W tablet shipping in Japan this June

NEC caught our attention at CES with a dual-screen Android tablet / e-reader that, at the time, it was calling the LT-W Cloud Communicator. Well, it's since been rebranded the LifeTouch W and it will officially hit shelves in Japan this June. Under the hood nothing has changed -- it's the same pair of 7-inch, 800 x 600 resistive touchscreens, 384MB of RAM, and Cortex A8 CPU of unspecified speed we played with in January. Sadly, that also means we're looking at the same dated Android 2.2 OS and paltry five hour battery life. No word on cost or whether this will ever appear outside of Japan, but we'd be surprised if this ugly stepsister of the Kno actually makes its way across the Pacific.