RCN exec confirms TiVo Premiere multiroom streaming in latest update

Over on DSLReports, RCN's Director of Video Product and Video Operations revealed details about the 14.8 software update coming to the cable company's TiVo Premieres, including the multiroom streaming support that posters at TiVo Community have already found evidence of in retail boxes. Apparently this is all a part of RCN beta testing a move to the Premiere's HD UI on its boxes (currently still using the classic interface) and adding support for features like the TiVo iPad app and even TiVo-styled menus for browsing VOD. As Zatz Not Funny points out, we still have no idea when the streaming may actually get activated, but hopefully it will get knocked off the list of features we're still waiting for (dual-core support, DirecTiVo) sooner rather than later.