PSA: New Nook Color partitioning only leaves 1GB for music, other sideloaded content

If you're planning to pick up a Nook Color, keep an eye out for a little blue dot on the box -- no, they're not defective, but new models with the dot have been tweaked to make sure Barnes & Noble retains control of most of that (already limited) internal storage. Updated partitioning leaves just 1GB of internal storage for sideloaded content, such as music and movies, with the remaining 4GB reserved for content purchased from the book and app stores. Previous models allowed sideloaded content to utilize all 5GB of available storage, but the change was made "to ensure ample space for a customer's Nook Library and Nook Apps," according to B&N. We're sure you could figure out how to reclaim those extra gigs, but you won't be able to transfer your entire music library out of the box. Luckily, the Nook still has its microSD slot, allowing you to add up to 32GB of storage for music, movies, and whatever other content you need to keep yourself from using your e-reader to actually read.

[Thanks, Mark]