Mimics helps you cope with your Sync-less existence (video)

Much as we hate to admit it, we can't all afford a fancy new car with Sync or Mini Connected inside -- I mean, come on, we're not made of money, people. Thankfully, it seems MP3Car has a pretty slick and affordable solution to the problem of fumbling with your iPhone when you should probably be focusing on the road and not crashing into things. Mimics is an in-car solution that transmits the contents of your handset to a touchscreen display in the vehicle's dash, letting you listen to music, use GPS, take calls, and check email without having to deal directly with the phone. The system is available now for pre-order at $630 for the full version, $530 for people who have standard double DIN-sized radio openings in their cars, and $205 for hobbyists who want to put the thing together -- here's hoping they're parked when they do.

[Thanks, Sean]