Caption Contest: HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang drops by Apple's Palo Alto Store

So what if Apple might be suing your company for millions and billions of dollars? You're Cher Wang and Cher Wang shops wherever she damn well pleases. HTC's co-founder and Chairwoman was recently photographed taking a leisurely gander at Apple's wares, with husband Wen-Chi Chen -- who just happens to be CEO of VIA Technologies -- tagging along as well. The Palo Alto Geniuses look to have been their usual friendly selves, though their failure to put an iPhone in Mrs. Wang's hands qualifies as a major missed opportunity in our eyes.

Thomas: "In Taiwan, iPhone means horse."
Josh F.: "Go ahead, cuff me if you can."
Dana: "A stylus! You know. You hold it like this."
Vlad: "Cher Wang thought impersonating a zombie would help her blend in with the Apple Store patrons. As we can tell from the unperturbed employees, she was right."
Brad: "If you can guess which hand the candy's in, you win!"
Terrence: "...and this is my trusty servant Patsy."
Amar: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Wang, we're all out of dirtbikes."