Cydle i30 cradle delivers digital TV to your iPhone, finally lands at FCC

Back in 2010, when we caught a glimpse of Cydle's M7 Android tablet at CES 2010, the company was also touting the i30, an iPhone cradle capable of delivering real-time digital TV to the smartphone. That cradle caught a little bit of air time at CES the following year, but still wasn't ready for market. Well, it looks like that's about to change -- now, just a few months shy of two years since the Mobile DTV standard was minted, the i30 is finally rearing it's antenna-sporting head over at the FCC. According to the User Manual, outed in the filing, the iPhone case uses its antenna to catch local mobile channel signals and shoots them to the iPhone via WiFi. The case is also packing a rechargeable battery, and when connected to the supplied AC adapter, pumps juice to both the dock and your iPhone. Of course, you'll need the Cydle ATSC M/H Mobile TV app (we know, it's a mouthful) to get the whole thing going, but getting your digital TV on is apparently relatively simple from there. For more photos of the Cydle i30 cradle, including shots of its exposed guts, follow the source link below.