T-Mobile trade-in program gives used phones new life, puts cash in your pocket

Those cellphone recycle bins are starting to feel pretty lonely, as trade-in programs become all the rage. We've seen Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon (among others) get into the mode of helping customers save money and clean up the environment by using this method, and now T-Mobile's hopping on the bandwagon as well. The carrier will rely on The Wireless Source, a third party that focuses on phone recycling and trade-in programs, to do the heavy lifting here. With the program becoming an incentive for customers to purchase new equipment, you'll be hard-pressed to find a store rep willing to initiate the process without setting up new service or upgrading your phone first. Makes sense, though -- after all, it's called a trade-in program for a reason, right? Once you've made the purchase, you'll get a pre-stamped bubble pack with shipping label attached; use this to ship the phone back, and presto, a check arrives in the mail for the agreed-upon value of the used device within a few weeks. If you're even remotely curious to see how much that ol' RAZR rotting in your basement is worth, give the source link a look.

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T-Mobile USA Launches Trade-In Program for Used Handsets

T-Mobile Trade-In program enables customers to save on new device purchase whether opting for the latest messaging device or trading up to one of the fastest smartphones running on America's Largest 4G Network

BELLEVUE, Wash. - May 17, 2011 - T-Mobile USA, Inc. today introduced a retail Trade-In program, aimed at giving customers a cost-effective way to purchase a new phone and upgrade to America's Largest 4G Network. T-Mobile's Trade-In program provides customers with the ability to trade existing mobile devices for money that could be used toward the purchase of a new handset - including any new smartphone running on T-Mobile's 4G network.

T-Mobile is dedicated to making the latest wireless devices and mobile Internet services more affordable to more people. Through the Trade-In program, customers can offset the cost of a new phone purchase by up to $300 with the trade in of their old device. Even devices from other wireless carriers are eligible as long as they meet the minimum criteria, i.e., being fully functional, having an intact and working display, and being free of liquid damage or corrosion.

Customers can take advantage of the Trade-In program at any T-Mobile retail store. In partnership with The Wireless Source (TWS), a leader in consumer electronics collection programs, a trained T-Mobile representative will determine the trade-in value of each device and a check for the quoted amount will be given to the customer via a mail-in rebate process. Customers receive a voucher, shipping label and bubble pack mailer and simply ship the old phone to TWS at their convenience. They will then be sent a check from TWS in the amount of the quote once the device is received in good working condition.

"T-Mobile is committed to providing the latest, most innovative and affordable technology to new and existing customers," said Ami Silverman, senior vice president of sales, T-Mobile USA. "If device purchases can be made even more affordable through the value offset of T-Mobile's Trade-In program, we want customers to have that option. We encourage them to take advantage of it so they can stay connected no matter what their budget, current device or mobile provider."

Customers have the ability to check the estimated value of their device before going to a T-Mobile retail store and learning more about the T-Mobile Trade-In program at