Microsoft ending WinMo 6.x app submissions to focus on newfound love of tropical fruit

While Microsoft has been singing the praises of the latest version of Windows Phone, it's also been making quiet funeral arrangements for the operating system's predecessor, letting developers know via e-mail last week that it will be be shuttering Windows Mobile 6.x app submissions this summer. As of July 15th, the company will no longer accept new apps or updates to older ones, including pricing and metadata -- not a shocking turn of events, given the software giant's current love affair with WP7. Despite the deadline, however, users will still be able to download the soon to be neglected apps, stats will still be tallied, and developers will still get paid for their work. And don't feel too bad for Windows Mobile -- we're sure its old pals Zune and Clippy have been holding a spot for it on the other side of the pearly gates.