Nokia's promised dual-SIM handsets arrive, look strangely familiar

Well, that didn't take long. When Stephen Elop said a new dual-SIM handset would ship by the end of June, apparently he meant to say, "Right away!" Nokia has announced the first shipments of its C2-00 -- the same dual-SIM candybar we've known about for a year -- throughout India, China, and various developing regions for €45. On this C2, one of the SIM slots is accessible from the outside of the phone, making it convenient for those carrying more than two cards. Additionally, the company revealed the X1-01, a dual-SIM (and still very loud) variant of the X1-00 with a specially tuned speaker that's said not to distort too badly -- even when the volume is turned to 11. It sells for €34 and lasts 43 days on standby. Both devices feature dual-standby, which allows calls and messages to be received on both numbers without needing to switch back and forth between them. Of course, this leaves us awaiting the arrival of Nokia's dual-SIM touchscreen phone, the C2-06, but this will suffice for today. Game on, Mr. Elop.