North Korea apparently pumping out state-sponsored PCs (updated)

North Korea has already made its mark on the tablet market -- albeit a rather unimpressive attempt -- and even produced a supreme leader-approved OS, and now the DPRK is further proving its tech ambitions with the production of three different PC models. In a post published to PCWorld today, Martyn Williams reports on a March 10th state TV broadcast that revealed a North Korean factory where workers are busily assembling the machines by hand. According to Williams, the models in production include a desktop PC and a netbook-sized laptop, designed for educational use. The third variant, an enterprise laptop, boasts dual USB ports, internet connectivity, and two and half hours of battery life. That's about it in the way of specs, but from what we've seen, we doubt these machines are set for world domination. For a series of screen shots from the broadcast, check out Williams' blog at the coverage link below.

Update: Surprise! The North Korean netbook, pictured above left, is an identical clone of $99.99 Sylvania model sold at CVS pharmacies in the US, both presumably sourced from the same Chinese OEM.