Panasonic resurrects Sanyo's pistol-grip camcorders, trots out three new models

Worried that Panasonic would kill off Sanyo's signature pistol-grip camcorders after it bought its rival last year? Fear not -- Panny just went and resurrected Sanyo's ergonomic design with three new models - slapping its own brand on 'em, of course. And, in a move that would do Sanyo proud, Panasonic brought back the DMX-CA100 / VPC-CA100, a 1080p camcorder Sanyo released last year under the same name. It's gotten a spec boost, though, with the ability to snap 16 megapixel still photos, up from 14.4. The other two -- the HX-DC15 and the HX-DC1 -- both shoot 1080p video as well, with the DC15 offering 16GB internal memory and a 16 megapixel sensor, and the DC1 able to take 14.4 megapixel stills. No word on availability outside Japan, but we're sure those of you with a penchant for flip-out displays and candy-colored plastic will find a way to snag one.