Elop: Symbian will continue getting updates until 2016, at least

How much does it take to convince Symbian users their OS is doomed? Just the one slide you see above. Now it seems Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is attempting damage control. In an interview with Nokia Conversations, Elop attempted to placate his shareholders and customers by stating that the OS's last update will take place somewhere around 2016 at the earliest. He isn't switching the focus away from Windows Phone as his company's bright new future, but he does want to assuage folks who sunk money into Symbian that their investment isn't just going down the drain. Stating there is "a long history still to be paved for Symbian in the future," Elop didn't volunteer any additional details on update strategy or how much longer new Symbian phones will be sold. We're a bit surprised at the length of this extension of relevancy; we can't help but feel as though it's all because Nokia's breakup with Symbian was too emotional and they're both trying to stay friends. Or perhaps four years is just how long the company thinks it will take to sell all of the remaining 150 million units it originally planned to push. Either way, check out the full video after the break and let us know what you think below.

[Thanks, Chris]