Leaked BlackBerry Bold Touch simulation offers tire-kickers a bumpy joyride

If you ache to get your hands on the BlackBerry Bold Touch and lack any semblance of patience, RIM's recently leaked simulator offers an opportunity to vicariously manhandle its upcoming creation -- all from the comfort of your Windows computer. Although the software isn't without quirks (as evidenced above), the 177MB download includes system v6.1.0.55 -- more commonly known as BlackBerry 7 OS. The functionality is rather robust, and we happily took the web browser for a quick drive around the block. It provided a pleasant rendering of our sister-site Autoblog, but the simulator started sputtering once we approached our own domain. Perhaps you'll have better luck. So, if you're suitably equipped and a wee bit curious, you can start kicking these tires by following the source.

[Thanks, Zaoist]