T-Mobile G2x gets a $50 price bump, still no stock in sight

It looks like the G2x saga isn't over quite yet; after first disappearing from store shelves due to quality concerns "high demand," the dual-core Android smartphone is getting a slight price hike from T-Mobile. As of May 27th, the out-of-stock Froyo handset decided it was worth an extra Grant (quite the presumptuous fellow, no?), dialing in with a new price of $249 after rebate. An internal screenshot describes the price hop as a reaction to inventory constraints. The supposed effects of supply and demand aside, this price adjustment feels a little shaky amid reports of botched WiFi handoffs, overheating, light leakage and reboot issues. With any luck, the G2x will return to store shelves sporting a worry-free update to Gingerbread; but if you aren't counting on it, you can still snag one at Amazon to the tune of $99. Oh, and look: plenty in stock, too!