Acer says Microsoft is too 'controlling' of Windows tablets, restrictions 'troublesome'

A web of rumor and suggestion has been spun in recent weeks about a new tablet-oriented version of Windows. But when major players like Acer start moanin' and complainin' about how they're going to make hardware to run the new OS, that's when you know something has to be afoot. According to Bloomberg, Acer CEO J. T. Wang spoke up at Computex to berate Microsoft for being too restrictive in what processors it will permit to carry its new baby, saying it is "really controlling the whole thing, the whole process." And he wasn't just speaking for Acer either, because he added that chip suppliers and PC makers "all feel it's very troublesome." It begs the question, if Steve Ballmer is borrowing Apple's approach and becoming a control freak, why doesn't he just go whole hog and build a Microsoft Tablet from start to finish?

[Thanks, Tiago]