Samsung Galaxy Player priced on Best Buy mobile app, dares you to rate it

Look at what one curious tipster stumbled upon while thumbing through Best Buy's mobile app -- it's the five-inch version of Samsung's soon to be released Galaxy Player. The PMP is, for most intents and purposes, the Galaxy S handset devoid of that pesky 3G and calling functionality -- in fact, it's still known as the Galaxy S WiFi elsewhere in the world. Priced at $270, according to the app, the 8GB touchscreen player has two cameras (a VGA on the front and and 3.0 megapixel on the rear), a microSD slot, and an FM tuner. Back in March, we heard that the music player would be hitting our shores this spring, between this and its FCC appearance a couple of months back, we've got our fingers crossed that it will still make it in under the wire.

[Thanks, Josafat]