RevoDrive Hybrid pairs HDD with SSD on PCIe

Popping up in everything from tablets to servers, plain old solid-state drives are becoming as mundane as floppy disks were in the '90s, so it's about time someone got a little creative with the soldering iron. OCZ's RevoDrive Hybrid takes a HDD and puts it where it doesn't belong -- on top of an SSD. But unlike that deep fried Oreo you really shouldn't have "tasted" at the state fair, this pairing has potential to keep the juices flowing, caching reads and writes for both drives on a single PCIe card. Shipping in July, the $350 base Hybrid is expected to include a 500GB HDD and 60GB SSD, with a premium model doubling both capacities (and we assume price). With OCZ out of the memory game, we hope to see the now strictly SSD company bring innovative, affordable flash-based goodies to market, and it looks like we're off to a decent start.