Stanton's SCS.4DJ Digital DJ Mix Station up for Best Buy pre-order this month, in stores by July

When technology meets music, interesting things can happen -- for better or worse. In the case of Stanton's standalone SCS.4DJ Digital DJ Mix Station, anyone can try their hand at DJing. Notable hardware features include two weighted slabs with touch sensitivity, a 4.3-inch LCD, four USB ports for hooking up HDDs (two of which are hidden in handy storage slots), and a mic input for spitin' and spinnin'. If you're lacking in pro skills, the unit can automatically sync the tempos of whatever tracks are queued up, or even mix on its own like a player piano for your favorite block rockin' beats. Lastly, there's support for WAV, MP3, and AAC files, and any regrettable Lady Gaga and Skrillex fusion fun party mixes you make can be recorded live for transfer off the device. If you're psyched to start scratching, the SCS will be available for pre-order from Best Buy's website this month for $500 (pre-packaged skills don't come cheap), and in retail stores this July. You'll find the full press release after the break.

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Get in the Mix with the New Stanton SCS.4DJ Digital DJ MixStation

Simple to Use Complete DJ System Can Turn Music Fans into Performing DJs

DEERFIELD, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Stanton® Magnetics, a member of the Stanton Group of companies and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, is proud to introduce the Stanton Control System®4DJ (SCS.4DJ) Fully Integrated Digital DJ MixStation. Now, Stanton offers music fans at all levels the ability to DJ just like a professional, with little to no experience! Users simply plug in their favorite tracks and they'll be ready to mix tracks, make playlists and sound like a pro in the home or at any occasion.

Perfect for novice DJs, home entertainers and still capable enough to satisfy advanced DJs, the SCS.4DJ is a unique device that contains all three of the key components a DJ requires-software, computer and controller-all in one easy-to-use system. Music fans often have their favorite songs stored in different tech gadgets. With the ability to pull from hard drives, media devices and smartphones, the SCS.4DJ allows your existing digital music library to be easily integrated right into the system. The SCS.4DJ supports WAV, MP3 and AAC files and features four USB ports, two within a hidden compartment large enough for hard drives and media devices.

"The SCS.4DJ comes fully equipped with advanced features and functionality, making it the perfect solution for beginners and pros alike who want to bring their performance to the next level," says Timothy Dorwart, CEO of the Stanton Group. "For those new to DJing, this means a short learning curve while working pros will recognize that it has all the capabilities they need in a single solution, maximizing portability and reliability."

Easy to Set-up and Create

Matching the beats of different songs in a playlist to create the perfect mix is part of the mystery and magic of being a DJ. The SCS.4DJ's advanced automatic synchronization feature helps reduce your learning curve by keeping all tracks on beat at the push of a button. This allows users to focus on being more creative with their music, by adding in scratches and other effects. For those looking to mingle during their performance, the advanced tempo and beat grid calculation allows the SCS.4DJ to be placed into "Auto-DJ" mode, where the unit will automatically mix the music in the user's playlist based on their chosen style of mixing. Since all of the software for the SCS.4DJ is embedded into the system, no additional communication cables or computers are required. Simply connect a memory device with stored music, analyze the tracks and it is ready to mix.

Simple to Operate Layout and Features

The layout of the SCS.4DJ is instantly familiar to the experienced DJ and logical enough for any novice to easily grasp. It comes equipped with dual high-resolution touch-sensitive weighted platters with cue, scratch and pitch bend control. Visual beatmatching is made easy with the SCS.4DJ's multicolor 4.3 inch high resolution LCD with dual waveform display. For those looking to MC, while spinning, a microphone input with volume control is located on the front panel. Fully portable, the SCS.4DJ comes housed in a rugged chassis, providing users with the flexibility and durability they need when travelling.

Preserve Once-In-a-Lifetime Mixes

For those looking to produce their own projects or would like to make their set available to friends, partygoers or fans, the SCS.4DJ offers recording capability. Press the record button and the SCS.4DJ will record a performance to any mass storage device, which can then be shared between friends or used to produce a CD for distribution.

The SCS4.DJ will be available for pre-sale at Best Buy stores and at nationwide in June and available on shelves in July. For additional information on Stanton's products, visit the company online at