Does this Xperia Play have HDMI output? (updated: dev unit)

Here's a little intrigue to go along with your morning cuppa. The Xperia Play is a lovely bit of hardware lacking in a few crucial areas -- one being an inability to play games over HDMI. That's a definite problem for those who aren't quite ready to devote themselves wholesale to gaming on the (very) small screen. We had hoped Sony might release a micro-USB to HDMI adapter at some point, and indeed when we first saw the image above of a Play pumping graphics to an HDTV that's what we thought we had. But, on closer examination, we realized that the cable is coming out of the left side of the handset. On the current retail Play there's nothing there but shiny chrome, which you can see for yourself after the break. We also took a look at the exposed motherboard, and there are no obvious contacts. This could be a developer edition with additional ports, but none of the dev whitepapers we've pored over this morning mention any such things, so maybe a revised version of the hardware is coming that adds a hole where once there was none. We'll keep working to find out what's up, but weigh in for yourself in the comments below.

Updated: Sure enough, this appears to be just a developer unit, one which we expect to be seeing a lot more of at E3 next week.

[Thanks, Sam]