HTC announces OpenSense SDK and HTCdev, offers paradise inside its walled garden

Peter Chou is sharing HTC's graces at Uplinq 2011 with the announcement of OpenSense SDK, where the company hopes to recruit developers willing to create apps specifically for Sense 3.0. With help from the HTCdev community, software designers will receive tools to create a seamless experience between their applications and HTC's user environment (while also rendering their apps incompatible with non-HTC handsets). Beneath the skin, developers will be provided access to proprietary APIs that support 3D displays and tablet pens -- which could make quite the gaming session. There's currently no release date for the SDK, but the company is already taking names for a summer launch. So, if you're comfortable helping HTC build this barrier around Android's "open" mantra, we imagine there's some rather slick apps waiting to be given life. Jump the break for the accompanying PR.

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HTC launches HTCdev and announces HTC OpenSense SDK to support developers' innovation in mobile apps and experiences across HTC portfolio of devices

SAN DIEGO, June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today launched HTCdev, a program designed to support mobile developers through tools, resources and community. HTC also announced the HTC OpenSense SDK, which will allow developers to harness software and hardware innovations on HTC phones to develop more richly integrated mobile applications and experiences. In launching HTCdev, together with the HTCpro program launched last year, HTC is creating a network of resources to help developers and businesses meet challenges and opportunities across the mobile space.

"HTC is a company of engineers excited about the possibilities of the mobile space with the goal of fostering choice through innovation," said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. "We believe in openness and the power of imagination to create that innovation and are excited that HTCdev will extend new tools to mobile developers, helping them create the next wave of mobile experiences."

The HTCdev program will support developers across the industry and around the world, from individuals to large enterprises. The new program website,, is scheduled to launch in summer 2011 and will feature an extensive resource library of tutorials, best practices, documentation and support. The site will also offer a user feedback channel to HTC for ongoing investments and improvement to the developer toolset and program resources.

The core offering of the program will be the HTC OpenSense SDK, which will enable Android developers to more deeply integrate into the HTC Sense 3.0 experience. The framework will also provide APIs and sample code for 3-D display and the Tablet pen. The HTC OpenSense SDK will be released in parallel with the launch of the new site, and will have regular updates and expansions based on inputs from the developer community. Users can visit today to sign up for a release alert for availability of the HTC OpenSense SDK.