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Microsoft sells 55 million Xbox 360 consoles, claims that's console history

If you work for Sony you might want go watch TV right now -- there's something on Discovery about ostriches and sand. Meanwhile, Microsoft just let us know that it's sold 55 million Xbox 360s globally, which is very probably enough to maintain its lead over the PS3. Moreover, 360 sales in the US are still accelerating six years into its life-cycle, thanks largely to updates like Kinect -- and Microsoft boasts that "no other console in history can make that claim." Huzzah. Now, we're not ones to snatch the pen from the victor's hand, but remember: this claim is based on US stats, whereas the PS3 has generally been doing better in other regions. What's more, neither the Wii nor the PS3 has yet reached its sixth birthday, so the story isn't over. Nevertheless, the chart after the break does make Microsoft's performance look damn impressive. Why is it that when you're down, life just keeps on kicking?