Sony VAIO Z21 Series mentioned on various European sites, isn't actually for sale yet

Here in the states, Sony's 13-inch VAIO Z series has been missing from the company's online store for months, but in Europe, at least, it lives on -- a quartet of Z21 series laptops have surfaced on various e-tailers as the possible successor to last year's Z11. So far, we're seeing a pair of configurations with a Core i5-2410M processor and 128GB of solid-state storage and two more with a Core i7-2620M CPU and 256GB in storage. Judging by this sample, at least, 1600 x 900 resolution is standard, as is a backlit keyboard, 3G SIM card slot, fingerprint reader, 3D output, and an HD webcam with Sony's Exmor imaging technology. Alas, the available specs suggest Thunderbolt's a no-show, though rumor has it Sony's implementation of Intel's Light Peak technology will use USB connectors, of which this has three. Here's to wishful thinking, right?

The peculiar thing is, you can't actually buy it yet. F2F lists staggering prices ranging from €1,809 ($2,642) to €2,839 ($4,146), though it's not, in fact, available. Meanwhile, search results turn up mentions on staticICE UK and Belgium's Execute, but they've been scrubbed from the actual pages. So, it looks like it's up to Sony to announce this already -- and dish up some pictures while it's at it.

[Thanks, Ihor]