Huawei teases MediaPad, gives its other tablets a complex

Huawei stopped just short of using the word "magical" when it sent out a note teasing its forthcoming MediaPad tablet (it's probably for the best, we're told some other company has that market cornered). The Shenzhen-based manufacturer did promise a device "guaranteed to transform" your entertainment experience, however -- hyperbole that's not particularly surprising for a company with a propensity for spicing up public statements with quotes from our 16th president. Not a heck of a lot to announce in the spec department, aside from this being Huawei's "smartest" and smallest tablet -- and certainly it does seem pint-sized in the above shot, or else that's a watch face worthy of Flavor Flav. We'll know more when the company webcasts the official announcement on June 20th, ahead of Singapore's CommunicAsia conference. In the meantime, how about an old fashioned Honeycomb upgrade, to keep the S7 Pro's spirits high?