Long line forms for WWDC

This is just crazy. A growing line of attendees is forming outside the Moscone Center as people begin to line up at WWDC. The line started overnight and extends over six blocks. Here is what some people are saying about their wait:

  • Cold in the #wwdc line. I need to find a Flash website and cuddle my macbookpro. @StewGleadow

  • Had to walk around the whole block to find the end of the line. And now I get to wait 4 hrs @ WWDC 11 @f1fe

  • In line :) hopping for a nice seat #WWDC @staceymnelson

  • Team Apperian queueing up - looks like we're 1,176th in line according to the dude walking and counting at WWDC @Apperian

  • WWDC keynote: Royal Wedding for nerds.@petermaurer

  • Standing in line, catching up on my Instapaper backlog. #WWDC @statonjr

  • Just walked by the WWDC line. That thing is longer than the line for a new ride at Disneyland and people look just as excited. @OneStepBehind

  • #WWDC staying in line at corner of 5th and Howard. Got iPad. Got coffee in hand. I'm fine. @redmonds

  • Apple folk are insisting 5 wide on sidewalk and the line still wraps all 4 sides of Moscone. #wwdc @MobilityMatters

There is also a nice 360° panorama view of the line here. Check out our gallery for line pics; it's growing by the minute!