MobileMe renewals getting refunded automatically? (Updated)

Here's a tease for what might be coming later today: we have had a couple of reader reports that indicate a change to MobileMe's billing plans, citing service continuations past the expiration date.

Now Steve M. has chimed in to let us know that his auto-renewal of MobileMe triggered this week and charged his checking account as usual -- then the charge was immediately refunded back to his account. Odd, to say the least.

We already know that iCloud is on the agenda for today, and we know that there's going to be a migration path from MobileMe to the new service (codenamed 'Castle' in development builds of Lion). It seems entirely likely that the new offering will have a different pricing structure than the all-in annual $99 cost of today's MobileMe; this was first suggested by the Wall Street Journal back in February.

Update: Corey notes that his renewal date for MobileMe was rescheduled for... today. Hmm.

Thanks Steve!