The Sony Ericsson Urushi leaks again: ST18i exposed

Sony Ericsson Urushi ST18i

Remember that Sony Ericsson that leaked awhile back, the ST18i? Well, here's the Urushi again, all fired up and ready for a few holes of Lets Golf 2. Inside is a 1GHz ARM processor with an Adreno 205 GPU which, if you're on top of your SOCs you'd know, means there's a single-core Snapdragon under the hood. It appears Sony put a meager 335MB of RAM on board -- enough for basic use, but it'll probably get bogged down under heavy multitasking. We can also confirm that this little guy is pushing Gingerbread, with the expected load of customizations, to its 854 x 480, 3.2-inch screen. Hit up the source link for a healthy dose of picage.

[Thanks, Jesper]