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12:00. And it's a wrap. That's today's Steve Jobs Keynote with lots of great announcements. Did he introduce what you thought he would? Were you surprised? Disappointed? Let us know in the comments!

11:59. Showing photos of North Carolina facility. Ugly as sin, full of juicy data.

11:56. This finally explains why Apple is happy with 18% of revenue from this feature. It is all about rights-holders. Kelly G: "Not a sexy feature, just a feature with a great personality." Darren Murph at Engadget: 2:56PM Wondering what happened to Lala? Now you know.

11:54. 5GB in the cloud. Photo Stream does not count. Here's how you deal with you-ripped-it-yourself-songs. 1. Sync devices over Wi-Fi or Cable 2. Re-buy your songs on iTunes (boo!). 3. Pay $25/year and "iTunes match" your songs against iTunes. Software will scan your tunes and match it up with those songs in the store. "We give that music the same benefits as music purchased in iTunes."

11:53 ONE. MORE. THING. (A small thing.)

11:52. Developer build of iCloud TODAY. iCloud ships with iOS "this fall".

11:50. All music is 256 kbps AAC, can have up to 10 devices, downloading to all. Sande: "Music ripped from CDs? Doesn't sync. You're [censored-for-family-reading]" Pardon his French. Mike J: "What about non-DRM music downloaded from Amazon and others? Or self-recorded music?" Kelly G: "Shut the front door! I think Apple actually talked to someone who, you know, USES the music features of their iThing?" 10 means it can be a family account: 4 people each with a computer and an iOS device apiece, and an Apple TV. Kelly H: "Now Erica can stream all the Bieber her kids buy on their iPods. Truly it's a great time to be alive."

11:48. iPod app is gone in iOS 5, there are separate music and video apps. TUAW factcheck: If anyone has paid attention on the iPod touch, this is always how it was done but under the hood there's really only one app. ThisIsMyNext: Yes, you can see the full list of Ke$ha songs you drunkenly purchased. I'm looking at you, Nilay Patel. Kelly G: "I know they're moving away from requiring this a long-term plan to make people need it less so they can FINALLY rebuild it?"

11:46. iTunes on iCloud. For already purchased tunes, there's now a Purchased button. Download any song or album by pushing the cloud button.You "flick a switch to turn it on" and then when you buy a song, it'll push to all devices

11:45. Mike R: " A paper airplane with a floppy disk taped to it makes MobileMe look like amateur hour."

11:44 @dylan20 I think Apple is teaching developers a valuable lesson: Do something well enough, and eventually Apple will bake it into the OS. #wwdc

11:43 @gcamp: iOS 5 : Delete your 3rd party apps™ @thisisdavid Apple "Thank you app developers for showing us what people want. You were so good we've integrated it all making you obsolete."

11:41. 1000 on iOS devices, unlimited on Macs and PCs, 30 days in the cloud. Demo time with Eddy Cue VP Internet Services

11:38. Photo Stream, bringing the cloud to photos. Photos sync between all devices. Snap on one unit, it's shared to all. Take any photo anywhere, push to other devices. Sande: "arriers are going to love seeing the huge amount of data we're going to use! Y'know, we need worldwide free Wi-Fi now, Mr. Jobs." Built into Apple TV too! Forgive me, but that is just freaking awesome. Jobs: Apple wil store the last 1000 photos you've taken in the cloud. If you want to keep something permanently, just move it into an album. On the Mac or PC, all are stored permanently.

11:37. From Dustin Curtis on Twitter: Apple just pissed off: Dropbox, Sparrow, Instapaper, Readability, Remember the Milk, Facebook, RIM, & the carriers. Well done.

11:36. It's what we've been saying on TUAW for a while: it's about the data, not the device. Apple is releasing iCloud Storage APIs. As a developer, I say w00t! iCloud works on all iOS devices, plus OS X plus Windows.

11:35 now redirects to Apple's site. Jobs: Documents in the cloud completes the iOS document storage story. Dan Moren: A lot of them have been working for 10 years to get rid of the filesystem. When you try to teach someone how to use the Mac, the difficulty of the filesystem is still staggering.

11:31. Backups to the cloud. Automatic data backups to iCloud over Wi-Fi. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote in the Cloud. Kelly G: "How much space are you giving me for that? Is this a Dropbox price model? X for free and X + more = $$ ?" Jobs is demoing Keynote on his iPad. Mike J: "Going to need some hardware upgrades to take on the additional battery life that OTA syncing is going to bring with it." He then moves to iPhone -- shows where he left off in his document. Remembers each slide, where you are in a document, between devices

11:28. Sande: "MOBILE ME IS DEAD LONG LIVE MOBILE ME. LONG LIVE MOBILE FREE!" Jobs: "These are the 3 apps that form the core of MobileMe. We used to sell them for $99. As of today this product ceases to exist. It's now free."

11:26. Update, store in cloud, synced to all other devices. Contacts and Calendar sharing, too : Dan Moren: Mail was in the best shape of all, but now it's even better. Give you mail account, new messages pushed to all devices. Inbox and folders up-to-date on all devices. "And no ads." Chris W: "At least they aren't changing to, if we had to see @mac and @me everywhere Apple forgot to 'find and replace' I'd be rather annoyed"

11:26. Mike R: "There is a whole lot of Sherlocking going on - third-party devs in several categories just watched their revenues disappear" Kelly: "If'n you're real quiet you can hear a TON of revenue streams vanishing. How are those guys gonna afford WWDC 2012?" Caolo: "Apple is killing exchange servers, & Blackberry Messenger in one fell swoop with iMessages and iCloud. So great."

11:23. "We've got a great solution for this problem. And we think this solution is our next big insight. We're going to demote the PC/Mac to be just another device. Cloud is more than a hard drive in the sky. We call it iCloud" Kelly G "Updated Airport Express/Extreme will make this a LOT easier to manage." Dan Moren: "You might ask: why should I believe them? They're the ones that brought me MobileMe." Us: hah! Dan Moren: "It wasn't our finest hour." Kelly: "It wasn't our finest hour? Come on Steve, say Waterloo. SAY IT!" Ars: "[iCloud] just works. We've thrown them away, re-architected them and wrote them from the ground up to be iCloud apps"

11:22. AAPL -1.74 (-0.51%)

11:21. Jobs is out to talk iCloud. Jobs is talking about the Digital Hub strategy of 2000, it worked for 10 years, broken down now because devices have changed. "If I acquire a song on my iPhone, I want to get it on other devices" Ars: demoting the PC and the Mac to just be a "device" just like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

11:20. Typing shortcuts -- bye bye Textexpander. Along with Beejive and Instapaper. Kelly G. "Not just "legit" devs, but jailbreakers too. RIP BossPrefs" Chris W: "Yeah, lots off jailbreak devs. In fact, a lot of people won't even Jailbreak after this". Me: There will always be a command line. Kelly G: "If I get BossPrefs legitimately now, I'll quit jailbreaking. In iOS 3 I did it for folders and BossPrefs. Now I just do it for BossPrefs."

11:18. AirPlay! Mirroring to TV! Woot! Lots of other features too. Flying across the screen. iOS 5 available to devs today, ship "this fall". Supports same as last update: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch.

11:18. That's the top ten iOS 5 features.

11:15. Messages are pushed to all devices. Start a conversation on one device, you can pick it up on another. Sande: "This is really a replacement for SMS" Engadget: " Tapping on the notification brings you right to the new messaging interface. While responding, the iPad user gets a notification that the iPhone user is typing away." Built using push notifications.

11:13. #10 iMessage: Messaging for all iOS customers. Looks like the SMS icon but now with more messaging support. Works over 3G and Wi-Fi. Sande: Carriers are going to be upset, can't sell text messaging anymore...

11:10. #9 Game Center. Your profiles can now use images. Purchase and download games directly in Game Center. Support for turn-based games like Scrabble built-in. Again, this is a great new arena for developers to use this technology to build fun new apps.

11:07. #8 PC FREE OPERATIONS! Finally. No need to have a computer to own and love your iDevice. Chris W: "Incoming PC fanatics claiming they stole that from Microsoft's Windows 8 news" Welcome to the post-PC World. Apple is selling devices to many customers without household computers. New welcome setup image. Setup and activation done on-device. Chris W: "If it isn't optional it's the most deft anti-jailbreak move they could have made" Incremental over-the-air-app updates. Take that TomTom and Navigon, with your 1.5GB app installs. (not kidding).

11:04. Time for demo. Looks like Mail improvements are rocking. Adding: built-in dictionary from iBooks to entire OS. Split keyboard.

11:03.#7 Mail: Dan Moren: Making it even better in iOS 5, with rich text formatting (bold, italics, underline). Control the indentation with decrease/increase. Drag the address between two fields. Added support for flagging. Indentation control has been added. More support for Enterprise customers. Added support for S/MIME. If you have a certificate for someone else, you get a lock icon in addressing field, to show you it'll be encrypted. Swipe to add an inbox.

11:01. #6 Camera. Jobs praises the iPhone onboard camera. There are various sniggering comments from around the blogosphere. We'll spare you the specifics. #6 Lock Screen Camera. Volume-up to take pictures now -- and you won't even get thrown out of App Store. Dan Moren: Built-in editing of photos. Crop, rotate, automatic red-eye reduction. And even one-click enhance from iPhoto.

10:59. Reminders allows you to keep multiple lists, dates. Gets rid of "those scraps of paper you keep reminders on". Finally Apple adds a "nagomatica"[tm me] feature. Our Mike J is Unhappy. He has a reminder app that he's been prepping for the App Store. "But, the door is still open for 3rd party developers to make better alternatives."

10:59. AAPL currently 340.19 (-3.25)

10:58. #5 Reminders. Dan Moren: (Low undercurrent of murmurings. That's a lot of people who make reminder apps, I'm guessing.)

10:57. Mike J: "Safari Reader for iOS: Doing in 2011 what Instapaper has been doing since the dawn of the App Store."

10:57. iOS dev center is DOWN.

10:54. #4 Safari. iOS version of Safari reader, which brings article into one page and lets you email content of an article. Reading List lets you save a story for later. Tabbed browsing.

10:52. More than 1 billion tweets a week. More than 1,000,00 failwhales per week. (I made that last one up.) Single sign-on through settings. Twitter is fully integrated. You don't need to log-in for each app. This is going to be awesome for developers. It's pre-integrated with Cameras and Photos. Take a picture and tweet it. Optional locations, count downs, and thumbnail. We've been waiting for Photo countdowns for a long time now.

10:51 #3: Twitter. Interestingly, these features so far have almost no impact on developer APIs -- just saying.

10:49 #2: Newstand. It's iBooks with magazines. (We totally called this.) "Most of the major publishers" for magazines and newspapers have signed up for subscriptions. Engadget: "When you purchase them they're automatically downloaded and placed on the Newsstand. It's integrated with the home screen, looks like, well, a newspaper stand." It supports downloads in the background, looks like a news rack.

10:47. The menu offers missed calls, voicemails, text message, push notifications from App Store. Jason Snell: Notification pop-down is reminiscent of the UI in Game Center where you make an accomplishment and get a badge. It slides down. Dan Moren: Scott swipes a finger across a text message and it jumps him right down to the Messages app, and that text. All of his messages, with unread markers, scoring alerts. Chris White: "Looks like they mixed NotifyApp with the Teehan+Lax concept"

10:46. Once again, we're seeing jailbreak features go big time. This is just like Mark "Big Boss"'s sweet Springboard hack.

10:45. More than 200 new features. Here are 10. #1: Notifications. Audio, badges, alerts. Massively popular feature. Pushed more than 100 billion notifications to date. It has scaled "beautifully". Customers want better UI. A single place to combine all your notifications -- get to it any time, anywhere by swiping from the menu on the top of the screen. They've also added stocks and weather up there.

10:44. iOS 5. Yays!

10:41. Apple is the number one retailer of music in the world. App Store has more than 425,000 apps, 90,000 specifically for iPad. Customers downloaded more than 14 billion apps. In under 3 years. Paid out over $2.5 Billion to developers. More than 225 million customer accounts most with credit cards and one-click purchasing.

10:41. AAPL -2.64 (-0.77%)

10:40. Dan Moren: In the first 14 months, they've already sold more than 25 million iPads. That makes iOS the number one mobile operating system, with more than 44% of the mobile installed base. (Sourced from comScore.)


10:39. Dev Preview available today.

10:36.Windows Migration assistant eases your migration *from* windows *to* Lion. FaceTime is built into Lion. Lion will be available only in the Mac App Store. 4GB download, installs in-place. Works on all authorized Macs. $29. July.

10:31.#10 Mail: Looks like brushed metal is the new cool kid on the block. Not sure I'm really fond of the look. Sande: "Interesting - this may convert me back to from Sparrow". Dan Moren: Lion has a brand new conversation view, that shows you the entire thread that you can just scroll through, with attachments, and everything. Ars: "beautiful view" that shows the conversations just as they were sent. As for me, I'm still disappointed that I can't keep using Eudora 6 in Rosetta on Lion.

10:30. #9 Airdrop: Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi based networking. AirDrop is in the sources in the Finder. Get a display of yourself and the people around you running AirDrop at the same time. Allows ad-hoc file sharing. Jason Snell: "Now Phil Schiller and Lion are here to kill sneakernet again. AirDrop is quick, ad hoc file transfer system, without setting up sharing systems and stuff, or going through IM." Recipient authorizes download. Stored to ~/Downloads.

10:30. AAPL -1.25 (-0.36%)

10:28. He demonstrates what happens when he quits -- "absolutely nothing". No prompts to save, no queries. When Pages re-launches, it brings back the entire window set including inspectors, window positioning, etc. Even insertion point and selection are remembered. It's full restoration of your session.

10:23. Autosave leads to... #8 Versions. Version control for your app. Bringing version control for "the rest of us". That's awesome. Sincerely awesome. You can make any version the current one, even copy and paste between them. It's Time Machine for documents, with a similar UI. Craig is demoing windows and palettes in Pages to show editing. He's changing fonts, dragging images around, etc.

10:20. #5 Launchpad. #6 Resume. #7 Autosave. Resume: Launch an app in Lion, it remembers what you were doing and where you were. The name of your document is now a menu now. Click on it and you can revert to last opened to get back to where you were. Dan Moren: You can Lock a file to prevent it from being auto-saved again (like a template). You can duplicate it right in the app.

10:20. New incremental updates mean you won't have to re-download the entire application at a time when you have to update, so updates should be much faster. Jason Snell: Sandboxing is interesting... that's a security approach. Will be interesting to see how secure it is and if it becomes a meme that App Store apps are safer than non-App Store apps.

10:20. AAPL +0.06 (0.02%). The Apple Online Store is still up.

10:17. Next up is #4 Mac App Store. In the last 6 months, it's become the #1 PC software channel for buying software, beating out Best Buy, Walmart, Office Depot -- Schiller. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro has seen 1 million new MAS users on OS X. Feral doubled its revenue since MAS. Pixelmator has quadrupled its revenue.

10:16. The multitouch gestures we're seeing is really amazing stuff -- although not all of us are ready to say RIP to the mouse. Dan Moren: Multiple desktops integrated. Click at the top right to create a new desktop, and you can even drag the windows right to them.

10:15. Jason Snell: "Face detection effects [in iPhoto] are pretty cool. My kids are going to waste dozens of hours on that." Snell adds that Jobs (sadly) looks poorly, commenting that this may be his last keynote.

10:11 #3 is Mission Control: essentially Dashboard, Exposé and Spaces rolled into one. Demoing... Sande: "Most of this is familiar to anyone who has been playing with the Lion Developer Preview but it's still exciting stuff".

10:09 #2 is Full Screen Apps. Apple worked with its system apps to allow them to convert to full screen. Fullscreen demos includes Safari (with reading list), iCal, iPhoto, Preview. Swipe to see your entire Safari browsing history. Demonstrating swiping back and forth between full-screen Safari and iPhoto using gestures. Caolo: "RIP scroll bars" Exit fullscreen, just tap a screen in the top right.

10:07 10 new features. #1 is multitouch gestures including tap-to-zoom, pinching, two-finger swipes with (Engadget) "incredible, physical realism that has never been possible in a PC operating system before." Lion can do momentum based scrolling (""The page feels alive beneath your fingers.""), multitouch taps, pinch to zoom. "Why do we have scroll bars?" The scroll bars disappear, magically appearing only when you scroll. This is quite similar to what happens on iOS already.

10:04 Today's topics are Lion, iOS 5, and "interesting new cloud stuff". Let's start with Lion, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi will start with Lion demos. Jacqui Cheng: "He's trying to pull a Ballmer". Mac sales are 73% notebooks, 27% desktops. Mac OS X is the heart of the Mac. Built on Unix, with ease of use and simplicity.

10:03. Macworld: Dan Moren: "Over 5200 attendees. Sold out within two hours. This is the biggest place they can get. Sorry for all those that couldn't make it and we wish we could sell more tickets, but we don't know where to have it."

10:01. Steve Jobs takes the stage. He's met with a standing ovation. Engadget: "We've got an awesome morning together, this morning. Thank you for coming so much." Macworld: Dan Moren: Someone shouted "I love you!" TUAW waits with breathless anticipation for what's about to be revealed.

10:00. James Brown. "I feel good". The lights are dimming.

9:57 Everyone being told to switch off their devices. Things are ready to roll. Macworld Dan Moren: "Ladies and gentlemen, the presentation will begin shortly." There are some MacBooks on-stage for demonstrations. We are not expecting any livestreaming of the actual event. Engadget says Apple will not allow any broadcasting of the keynote.

9:55 Caolo: "This is really where we can use Crow, Cambot, and Gypsy" WWDC 3000!

9:51 Rescue Me is playing Who Cares. The Apple store is still up, making us wonder if we'll be seeing new products today. AAPL is trading at 344.18 up 80 cents.

9:50 We'll be starting at the top of the hour, with updates appearing towards the top of the page. Please keep reloading for the latest changes.

9:45 The press has assembled, the developers have entered the room, and somewhere behind the curtain there is Steve Jobs and a whole lot of Apple magic waiting to happen.