2011 Apple Design Award winners announced

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2011 Apple Design Award winners announced

The 2011 Apple Design Award winners have been announced at WWDC. Although the Mac got left off the radar last year, in 2011 Apple's chosen to recognize greatness in all of its platforms. Winners get a MacBook Air, iPad 2, iPod touch and a snazzy trophy. They also get heaps of free coverage from sites like us, which means all of these apps can likely look forward to massive upticks in sales over the next week.

The winners are below. For apps we've covered before at TUAW, we've got links to our reviews/first looks. For the few apps we haven't covered yet, we've linked you directly to the App Store.

Many thanks to Steve Streza, who live-tweeted the results from the event.

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Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your well-deserved spoils.

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