InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner adds $100 instant rebate, new retailers

While there's no official price drop yet, Ceton has officially authorized several new retailers for the InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner, and announced partnerships with several new retailers. The shocking price drops spotted over the weekend seem to have mostly dried up -- the $282 eBay auction shows 3 left, Amazon's super low offer has disappeared, is sold out and Erwin Computer's price is up to $278. However, the addition of new retail partners means snagging a card for $299 is easier than ever, and while that may not put some Hamiltons back in your pocket it should at least provide some peace of mind.

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Ceton Announces Additional Partners and Special Promotion for InfiniTV Digital Cable TV Solutions

Company introduces D&H Distributing, Micro Center, the Microsoft Store, Newegg and Velocity Micro as new distribution and retailer partners and $100 instant rebate promotion

KIRKLAND, WA - June 6, 2011 - Ceton Corporation today announced that their best-selling line of InfiniTV digital cable TV solutions is now available for immediate purchase through four additional retail partners. Micro Center, the Microsoft Store, Newegg and Velocity Micro join existing retailers Amazon, Cannon PC, Fluid Digital and Zones as authorized retailers for Ceton solutions. In addition, the company has added D&H Distributing as a distribution partner for retailers, systems builders and OEMs who wish to offer Ceton products. In celebration of its expanding retail footprint, Ceton also announced a special $100 promotion for new InfiniTV purchases made before June 30, 2011. Anyone purchasing a new InfiniTV 4 product through one of the authorized retailers listed above between June 6 and June 30, 2011 will receive a $100 instant rebate at the time of purchase.

"The addition of leading PC and consumer electronics distributors and retailers like D&H Distributing, Micro Center, the Microsoft Store, Newegg and Velocity Micro to our roster of partners is indicative of the broad interest we're seeing in bringing multi-tuner digital cable TV to the PC. We're excited to offer a special customer promotion to celebrate this important milestone," said Gary Hammer, president and chief executive officer of Ceton Corp. "In addition to selling our currently-shipping InfiniTV 4 product, these partners will be well positioned to meet the demand expected for our upcoming InfiniTV 4 USB and InfiniTV 6 solutions in the coming months."

A Ceton InfiniTV-equipped PC with Network Tuners enabled makes exciting new entertainment scenarios possible in the home, including:

Up to 4 different PCs, or TVs using Media Center Extenders, can each receive live HDTV cable programming from a single InfiniTV 4-equipped PC, all from one cable TV coax connection (up to 6 PCs will be supported by the company's upcoming InfiniTV 6 model).
Live cable TV programming can be delivered to laptops, Tablet PCs, and All-in-One PCs without a PCIe slot. Now premium cable TV movies and programs can be recorded on the laptop or Tablet PC and watched later on the plane, in the car, at the airport, or on the go.
Connect your Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender for whole-home entertainment. Watch part of a recording in one room, pause, and begin right where you left off in another room.
Additional tuners can be added to the home entertainment environment by adding additional InfiniTV devices, in either internal or external form factors, to the home network.

About Ceton Corporation

Ceton Corporation is developing the next-generation of in-home digital entertainment and communication solutions. Combining stellar hardware and software engineering capabilities with market-making, patent-pending technology, Ceton aims to help unlock the potential of the digital home to unleash a new generation of in-home connected entertainment and communication services for PC and device makers, software developers and consumers. More information about Ceton and its solutions is available at

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