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Live from Nintendo's E3 2011 keynote!

Another day another liveblog, but not just another company. Today it's Nintendo that will be keeping us rapt with anticipation, and with any luck the big man, Reggie Fils-Aime, will be taking us on quite a ride. Will we see the unveiling of Project Cafe? Will Nintendo tell us just how its 3DS is going to compete in a PlayStation Vita world? Could we finally get that Nintendogs and Paper Mario mash-up we've been waiting for? We'll be going live shortly, at the following times below:

06:00AM - Hawaii
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11:00AM - Central
12:00PM - Eastern
05:00PM - London
06:00PM - Paris
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01:00AM - Tokyo (June 8th)

1:16PM Thanks for joining us, it was a fun ride!

1:15PM Lights are up, show's over folks!

1:15PM "At home or on-site here in LA you've got incredible new game worlds to explore this week."

1:14PM Ninty will be pumping out the videos and content, so if you're not here (or don't feel like standing in all the lines) you can enjoy all the experiences.

1:14PM "This year the Nintendo Network is back at E3, and it's even better."

1:13PM Looks like the new 3DS games are here, while Wii U is over at the convention center.

1:13PM ...or whether you're at the show.

1:13PM "The experience continues right now, whether you're here in the Nokia Theater."

1:13PM He's also saying that the glasses-free 3D of the 3DS changed gaming, and of course the Wii U will do it too, naturally.

1:12PM "The two screens of Nintendo DS changed gaming. The motion control of Wii changed gaming."

1:12PM "I want to conclude this morning by asking you to consider four platforms: Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. Think about what they represent together. Each of these platforms is unique, but they share a common pedigree. It's called innovation."

1:11PM John is out, Reggie is back.

1:11PM "Thank you, we can't wait to see EA games on this new system."

1:11PM "We're changing games from the thing that you buy to the place that you go. Nintendo's next console is truly transformational as well."

1:11PM He's also talking about an online system with leaderboards and community features.

1:10PM "Imagine a shooter like Battlefield with jaw-dropping graphics and smooth animations from the Frostbite engine, brought to you on a Nintendo system with that brilliant controller."

1:10PM He just said the new console will deliver "brilliant HD graphics."

1:10PM "Over the years I've made E3 appearances with several console partners, but never before with Nintendo." He's calling Wii U a "stunning breakthrough" that "speaks directly to EA sports games."

1:09PM John Riccitiello from EA is up on stage.

1:09PM In other words: lots of time for devs to improve.

1:08PM The games are looking good, graphics about on-par with the Xbox 360 or PS3 from what little we're being shown so far. But keep in mind we're only seeing a glimpse, here, and we're still potentially a year away.

1:08PM Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge looking intense as ever.

1:07PM A little Tekken gameplay, including customization of characters. You can add facepaint, draw logos on your fighters!

1:07PM Metro Last Light now, again from THQ, a dark and violent shooter.

1:06PM Aliens: Colonial Marines from Sega, replete with facehuggers and lots of gore. Nintendo is definitely pushing the mature content here, just in case you had any doubt.

1:06PM Dirt from Codemasters, with Ken Block getting his drift on.

1:05PM Looking at the new Darksiders now, from THQ, which looks properly brutal and fun.

1:05PM Looking like it's Wii U in the press materials, so we hope you enjoy the extra space.

1:05PM Darksiders 2 will be at launch, Tekken will be there, Batman Arkham City, a new Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon Online. Solid, serious titles these.

1:04PM Warren Spector says he can "make games we've never been able to make before."

1:04PM Producers and developers from major studios are gushing about the possibilities here. Ken Levine "A full console experience... in bed on this smaller screen. That's a really revolutionary thing for me as a gamer."

1:03PM Video from developers. Peter Moore: "My mind immediately started racing about what we can do about this in the world of sports."

1:03PM It's coming exclusively to Wiiu and Nintendo 3DS.

1:03PM Lego City Stories looks to be the first third-party announced game, "a new open world game packed with action, humor, and a whole city full of Lego vehicles"

1:02PM Reggie is showing a shooter, with "galactic fighers" shooting up at a ship, while the pilot in the ship is shooting back down.

1:01PM There's a game called Shield Pose, which tasks you with swinging the controller around to block pirate arrows.

1:00PM Actually that's Mii, as in your Mii is the one jumping around.

1:00PM Reggie again "I'm going to focus on how the new controller can change things. The first is simple: something that looks a lot like New Super Mario Bros. WIi, but it's called New Super Mario Bros. Me."

1:00PM All the usaul visual effects are here -- depth of field, gorgeous reflections and water effects, it looks good.

12:59PM Were watching a video of a bird landing on some cherry blossoms outside a temple. It's an example of "what the system can do."

12:59PM This is pretty similar to how the DS and 3DS were launched at E3 in years past, basically tech demos to give a taste of the potential.

12:58PM We're told we'll experience eight "interactive experiences" -- they're not actual games, sadly.

12:58PM Reggie: "Stating that Wiiu will play the way you change games is a pretty bold assertion, so this week we're providing pretty tangible proof."

12:58PM Reggie is back up, talking about software we can play this week.

12:57PM But, he's promising that the 3DS version and Wiiu versions will work together, somehow.

12:57PM Iwata is saying that he "shouldn't go into any details today." Boo, Iwata, Boo.

12:57PM Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wiiu!

12:56PM "I think as the third-party developers are also thinking up their ideas."

12:55PM He's in a video talking about possibilities here. "More than anything I'm really looking forward to new styles of play... There are so many we're just trying to decide where to begin."

12:55PM "Let's hear from the developer who has given the most thought to new possibilities. Mr. Miyamoto."

12:54PM "It's a new structure for home entertainment."

12:54PM "And also similarly between you, your friends, and your family."

12:54PM "We decided on this new structure for Wiiu because we wanted to create a strong bond between games, your TV, and the internet."

12:53PM "Or, games can be structured to use two screens at the same time."

12:53PM "Or you can play the controller on the table by itself."

12:53PM "You can play in a number of ways. Connect with an HDTV in a traditional way and you can enjoy the most up-to-date high-quality images even without using the screen in your hands."

12:53PM "Please understand that it was not designed to be a portable gaming machine, even though it shares some characteristics. The images displayed on the new controller are generated only by Wiiu"

12:52PM "Wii U was created so that the widest variety of games can be supported. That means those aimed at experienced controllers that can use circle controllers using both their hands, plus those games that can be intuitively played without the need for any buttons."

12:52PM Again, dual analog sticks, a D-pad, four buttons, triggers and shoulder buttons. There's rumble-feedback, touchscreen, microphone, speakers, accelerometers, gyro, and that camera.

12:51PM You can weigh yourself in Wii Fit without the TV. "This device is designed to appeal to all people, particularly the most experienced players."

12:51PM It's backward compatible, so all Wii accessories can be used.

12:50PM "Up until now, home console games had to occupy the TV screen in order to be played. But, the new controller for Wii U with 6.2-inch screen means you won't need to give up your gameplay when someone else comes in the room and wants to watch a TV program."

12:50PM Iwata's back. "Thank you. I believe this video may have answered some questions, but it probably raised several others, too."

12:49PM Coming in 2012!

12:49PM You can share pictures and videos from the controller to the TV just by swiping up flicking content right onto the TV and into your companion's faces.

12:49PM Dogs, apparently, can also make video calls, which is really great.

12:48PM You can even make video calls with it, using the front-facing camera.

12:48PM That game looks a bit like Silent Scope.

12:48PM Okay, we're seeing a Blaster attachment, and we're asked to "take aim with the new controller."

12:48PM Another gamer just used it like a golf ball, swinging a Wiimote over the new controller, which was situated on the floor.

12:48PM Okay, playing Wii Sports a gamer held up the controller to get an overlay on the screen, basically able to catch a baseball using a virtual mitt.

12:47PM Two gamers are playing Go on the controller, which has some aspect of motion controls.

12:47PM Game was playing on the TV, but the player just transferred it effortlessly to the display on the controller.

12:47PM Console on the right of the screen looks like a rounded Wii.

12:46PM There's also what appears to be a touchscreen, but we're watching a demo video now to see more.

12:46PM We're seeing dual analog sticks, a front-facing camera, start/select/home buttons, a microphone.

12:46PM "It's different from anything you'vep layed before."

12:46PM "This is the new controller for Wii u"

12:46PM "Is it unique, unifying, maybe even utopian? The answer is even yes to all of this."

12:45PM It's a Wii logo with a blue U on the right... "It's a system we will all enjoy together, but also one that's tailor made for you."

12:45PM "Today, welcome to the world of Wii U"

12:45PM "The answer to that question is an emphatic: Absolutely."

12:45PM "But in thinking about a new Nintendo system we knew the prevailing thought would be this: yes, the game would probably be right for all of us, but could it also be a perfect fit just for you."

12:44PM "You might remember how the Wii name began to make perfect sense once you started hearing it as Wii. It was clear how much fun we all had playing together."

12:44PM "There's one more order of business left for us today. To make a proper introduction to a new gaming companion."

12:44PM The Pokedex 3D is available exclusively through the eShop, and it's "complementary" -- that means free!

12:43PM Each Pokemon has an AR marker, meaning you can pose and get your picture taken with your Jigglypuff. Perfect for your next holiday card.

12:43PM You'll need to use SpotPass, AR cards, and other means to share and collect 'em all.

12:42PM "With Nintendo 3DS, an enhanced Pokedex has been created."

12:42PM Pokemon White and Black version.

12:42PM Reggie just said the "P" word -- "Pokemon."

12:42PM "Excitebike is now 27 years old. It doesn't get more classic than that, but it's still a blast."

12:41PM There are also some "classic" titles, some of which are said to date from before the NES.

12:41PM Game demos are coming later this year, for downloadable and retail software. Plus Virtual Console, starting with Game Boy and GBC titles.

12:40PM He's talking about the web browser and eShop that deployed last night, of course.

12:40PM "The library of games coming to Nintendo 3DS is unprecedented. In part, that's because a world of content opened up overnight."

12:40PM ... and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. Snake is back, and this time the carnage has depth.

12:39PM Time for another game reel, this time third-party devs. We're looking at Ace Combat 3D, Tetris, Cave Story 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, Driver Renegade, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, Tekken 3D...

12:38PM No date, but it looks like a lot of fun whenever it does ship.

12:38PM "Luigi's Mansion 2 is not a simple revision. It's an entirely new game making extraordinary use of 3D, and featuring not just one, but several new mansions."

12:38PM It's Luigi's Mansion 2. What, no "3D" in the title?

12:37PM Don't cross the suction, Luigi, don't cross the suction. Bad things.

12:37PM Good 'ol Luigi, dressed in green, is wandering through some pretty creepy locales.

12:37PM Okay, Luigi time. "The first brother of videogames is back, and he's got his vacuum."

12:36PM This is also coming "later this year" -- Nintendo's not really into giving hard dates this year, apparently.

12:36PM "This week on the show floor you'll be squaring off against several human opponents, because you're going to experience 3-on-3 combat."

12:36PM Looks like at least one gameplay mode has you trying to attack the opposing player's angelangel. Oh, and there's some augmented reality stuff coming too. We just saw Pit face off against Medusa on a pair of AR cards.

12:35PM Giant, fiery bosses, multi-headed hydras, and even multiplayer combat.

12:34PM There are Panzer Dragoon-style on-rails segments by the looks, plus more free-exploration areas.

12:34PM Now it's time for Kid Icarus: Uprising. We saw this game last year, but now we're seeing a good bit more.

12:34PM The game is coming "before year is over" -- crowd goes "Hrm."

12:34PM Jumping on giant pianos, fighting Bowser, stomping Koopas, you know the deal.

12:33PM This, as ever, looks like a whole lot of fun.

12:33PM Getting a little gameplay. It's looking a lot like Galaxy, and yes, there's the raccoon suit in full-effect.

12:32PM "This is the first 3D Mario adventure created from scratch for a portable system, and once you've played Super Mario 3D, I think you'll agree it incorporates quite a tale."

12:32PM "If it's true that software sells hardware, then it's also true that no franchise has sold more systems then Mario. So get ready: he's coming to Nintendo 3DS."

12:32PM The game will launch in September.

12:31PM Ahh, nice. For multiplayer the 3D cameras capture your faces and show them on the screen. No more getting chided by cartoon frogs and roosters!

12:31PM Of course, you won't want to be using the 3D effect if you're doing that.

12:31PM "Now, Star Fox is back, and with Nintendo 3DS this time the 3D is entirely real. When Fox jumps back into the cockpit. You can use buttons into traditional control, or turn the hardware itself into the control yoke."

12:30PM Sadly no spinners, but you will at least get to play the game "this holiday season."

12:30PM Okay, there are definitely some big wheels going on here. You can customize your kart and put what looks to be gold 20's on there!

12:30PM Oh, we can go underwater too, with a propeller coming out the back.

12:29PM Biggest addition so far is the flying bits we saw a glimpse of earlier -- go off a jump and a hang-glider pops up.

12:29PM No sign of dubs or melon-shooter exhausts yet, but we're hoping that's what he means.

12:29PM We're looking at Mario Kart, said to be a "tricked out version you haven't played before."

12:28PM Or, they could have given us 3D glasses... but never mind that.

12:28PM "On the show floor you'll see these games in full 3D, but here on stage of course we can only offer you 2D version."

12:28PM "Is it fair to ask, and is it even possible to deliver something for everything? As Mr. Iwata suggested with our new home console, this is also what we're going to achieve with our new 3DS."

12:27PM "You want comfortable and you want surprise. Contradictions? No problem, they come with the territory."

12:27PM "We hear you: you want what you've also wanted, but you also want something new." Ooh, starting with a riddle.

12:27PM And that's it for the demo reel, now it's time for Reggie Fils-Aime on the stage!

12:26PM Luigi's Mansion is back, and he's looking scared as ever. Poor guy.

12:26PM Okay, Kid Icarus this time, and we're looking at what is a pretty badass laser blaster/sword thing.

12:26PM Okay, a new Mario game, and he has the raccoon suit!

12:25PM Next up: Star Fox, and yes, we were just told to do a barrel roll. Really.

12:25PM Looks like Mario Kart is going 3D, and Mario's got a hang glider attachment.

12:25PM Okay, game reel time.

12:25PM "I believe a new platform represents a measured step toward reaching our goal. However, our new home console is a product to look forward to next year. This year there are bold new experiences coming to 3DS, and several of the franchises you know well are moving into 3D."

12:24PM "We are going to leave the full details for a little later this morning..." a big groan

12:23PM Oooh boy, this is getting good.

12:23PM "How might that happen? I would suggest two words: deeper and wider."

12:23PM "Some hardware is seen as being appropriate for only the most passionate of gamers. Others, like Wii, are said to attract a large number of casual gamers. As an industry, what we haven't achieved yet is a gaming platform that is equally satisfying for all players. Yet this is exactly what we intend to create with our new home platform."

12:22PM "The boundaries that once divided gamers... are being erased."

12:22PM "Today we have seen changes in who plays, where we play, and most importantly how we play."

12:22PM He's talking about Nintendo's goal of "expanding the gaming population.'

12:22PM Now it's time for Satoru Iwata on stage, Nintendo's Global President.

12:21PM Goodbye.

12:21PM Orchestra is swelling again... while also sinking down below the floor. Goodbye, orchestra.

12:21PM But they're ending this part of the session with a big thanks to the gamers, who make it all possible.

12:20PM Many of the Zelda and Mario producers are up on-stage. These are the men who have captured many, many of your idle hours.

12:20PM "Just internally within Nintendo over 200 people have worked on the series, and I have been truly honored to work with such talented people. We have several of them here today, so I would like to invite them here on-stage today."

12:19PM And there are other activities and events coming, so keep that calendar clear, gamers.

12:19PM The next CD will be released with Skyward Sword, and will be recordings of the orchestra performances.

12:19PM "Additionally we're preparing two music CDs. The first is the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Official Soundtrack." This will be a gift for those who first register the game with Club Nintendo.

12:18PM Nintendo will also be holding The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony concerts around the world this year, "in each region." They'll be in the fall, but we'll have to wait for specific dates and locations.

12:18PM We're told there are many things we'll need to experience to really enjoy, so we're being asked to play the game on the show floor. We're pretty sure we can manage that.

12:17PM And yes, it has a little Triforce on there.

12:17PM There will be a special controller! A golden one with MotionPlus built-in, of course.

12:16PM It'll use Motion Plus for using the sword.

12:16PM "It's finally done." Yes!

12:16PM Skyward Sword, meanwhile, will launch this "holiday season" for Wii.

12:16PM On the DSi, Four Swords will be coming as a free download in September on DSiWare.

12:15PM There will also be hint movies, and the Master Quest mode will be included, as well as a Boss Challenge mode.

12:15PM This is the Ocarina of Time port, by the way, which is said to have an increased frame rate.

12:14PM "Starting next weekend, the Legend of Zelda 3D will launch for Nintendo 3DS around the world."

12:14PM "This is a game that we created perhaps with the most unbridled creativity of any game in the series."

12:14PM The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is the first title in the eShop Virtual Console, available today.

12:14PM "For the 25th anniversary we have prepared a Zelda gaming system for each of our systems."

12:13PM "Did you know all these songs? I have to thank all of you for remembering these simple 8-bit tunes in this age of high-end gaming machines."

12:13PM A BIG item this time. The bomb, maybe?

12:13PM Okay, we're getting an item again.

12:13PM "Isn't that nice?" It is.

12:12PM The fairy's fountain melody is playing now. Our hearts, and our heart containers, are filling.

12:12PM Now we're opening a treasure chest, with Myiamoto acting it out on stage.

12:12PM Hah! It feels like we just opened a door.

12:12PM "Let's start with the chime for solving a puzzle."

12:12PM "Link has often used a musical instrument as an important item in each of his quests, but since we have a full orchestra here today, a very talented one, I think we should ask them to play some of these songs for us."

12:11PM The last song we heard was from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

12:11PM "So, last year was the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario Series. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda."

12:10PM His translator is joining him on stage.

12:10PM "How are you doing? And welcome. Zelda, it sure does bring back memories!"

12:10PM Shigeru Miyamoto is up on stage, and the orchestra is swelling again.

12:09PM Huge applause!

12:09PM This is all to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, and the orchestra is finished.

12:08PM ...even Tati is making a cameo here.

12:08PM ...Link riding Epona, floating on his boat, fighting various monsters...

12:08PM ...majestic Zelda, little kid Zelda...

12:07PM We've got young cell-shaded Link, older pixelated Link...

12:07PM The montage is clips from all the various Zelda games, Link battling Ganon in many, many incarnations.

12:06PM Excuse us for a moment, our hearts are swelling uncontrollably.

12:05PM Chills, serious chills. This is moving stuff people.

12:05PM Wow, some serious harmonics going on here as we get treated to a Zelda montage.

12:05PM There's also about 40 singers coming along as well.

12:05PM Yes, a real orchestra with real instruments.

12:04PM Wow, lights are coming down, and an orchestra is coming up!

12:04PM A: King of Red Lions, which you may recall spending an awful, awful, awful lot of time within.

12:04PM Q: What as the name of Link's boat in Wind Waker?

12:03PM A: It's Goomba's shoe.

12:03PM Q: What's the name of Mario's special shoe in Super Mario Bros 3?

12:02PM Q: It's Pit!

12:02PM Q: Who is the hero in Kid Icarus?

12:02PM A: False! It was called Star Wing in Australia and Europe. If you got that right... well, you know what to do.

12:01PM Q: True or false: Star Fox on the Super Nintendo was the same in all regions?

12:01PM If you got that one wrong, do a barrel roll!

12:01PM A: Cornerian Academy. If you got that one right, do a barrel roll!

12:00PM Q: What academy did Fox McCloud attend?

12:00PM A: Super Mario World: Yoshi's Island, and as you may recall he was a very, very cranky baby.

12:00PM Q: What was the first game to feature Mario as a baby?

11:59AM Okay, we're almost at the top of the hour here. The random pop music is being replaced by random dance music. Maybe we're almost ready?

11:59AM A: Vaati, apparently. Yeah, we barely remember that one too.

11:59AM Q: Who is the final boss in Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap?

11:58AM A: Super Mario Kart! If you answered DK Country you lose three Nintendo fanboy points.

11:58AM Q: What's the first Super NES game to feature Donkey Kong?

11:57AM A: The lightning bolt, which is only slightly less annoying than the spikey turtle shell.

11:57AM Q: Which power-up in Mario Kart lets you shrink your opposition?

11:57AM A: Cool dude Albert Wesker.

11:57AM Q: Who wears sunglasses in Resident Evil: The Merceneries 3D?

11:56AM A: That would be good 'ol Super Mario Bros 2 -- the American release, that is, which you may know was considerably different than the Japanese sequel, deemed too difficult for weakling American gamers.

11:55AM Q: Which Mario game featured a flying carpet?

11:55AM A: Paper Mario, one of our favs.

11:54AM Q: Tubba Blubba comes from which Mario game?

11:54AM If you're enjoying these fine photos today they're being provided by Zach Honig. Text is coming from your humble servant, Tim Stevens.

11:53AM A: That would be RE4, of course, which you may recall as being pretty durned awesome.

11:53AM Q: Which resident evil game came with a special controller shaped like a chain saw?

11:53AM A: It's the Tanooki Suit, which doesn't need a joke, really.

11:52AM Q: What is the official name of the suit that turns Mario into a Stone Statue?

11:51AM A: A Game Boy Horror, which curiously still hasn't seen a US release.

11:51AM Q: Luigi uses what device to investigate item in Luigi's Mansion?

11:50AM A: Courage, but if you voted for Love, we think that's all right, man.

11:50AM Q: Link holds the Triforce of what?

11:50AM A: There are nine worlds, which is some beautiful symmetry if you're into squaring numbers.

11:49AM Q: How many worlds are there in Super Mario Bros 3?

11:48AM A: Bottle Ship, which also featured in a famous song by the Police.

11:47AM Q: What's the ship that Samus lands on in Metroid: Other M?

11:47AM A: Blooper, obviously. You know, the squid.

11:46AM Q: Which power-up in Mario Kart allows you to blind the other players with ink?

11:46AM A: 1983!

11:45AM Q: When did Luigi first appear?

11:43AM And it's time for the usual Nintendo trivia fun. Did you know that the bushes in the original Super Mario Bros. are just the clouds colored green?

11:40AM And we're in our seats! Front and center to give you the best perspective of what's to come.