Skype goes down globally again, Microsoft starts wondering if it bought wisely

Uh oh, Skype's experiencing its second big outage in the space of just a couple of weeks, as we're hearing reports from the UK, Netherlands, and yes, even Bulgaria, claiming the online communications service is down. Our own Skype clients are currently unable to move past the "Connecting..." status note, both on Mac OS X and Windows 7. While we've confirmed it in Europe, the issue seems to be affecting people all over the world. Nonetheless, Skype believes only "a small number" of us have been hampered by whatever's ailing it, and further details should be available soon.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Our comments indicate issues are also being encountered in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Belarus, and Croatia, among other places. Notably, we've also heard reports of Skype functioning in the UK, so it's not down universally -- that supposedly small number of affected users must simply be spread out very sparsely across the globe.

Update 2: Skype is now saying that the "situation is improving," and we have also confirmed that the service is back up in at least some places where it was down before.