T-Mobile G2 not long for this world, per leaked document

We'd like to think that good phones -- like soldiers -- don't die, they just fade away, solemn and proud, with a faint tear rolling down the cameraside cheek. This appears to be the case for T-Mobile's G2, which seems content to quietly disappear as younger and fresher handsets are prepped to take its place in the near future. It's no longer anywhere to be found on the carrier's site, and a leaked document (shown above) has surfaced that mentions the phone's inevitable demise. If the G2 is truly nearing EOL status, we suspect T-Mobile is ditching it to make room for newer QWERTY Android phones like the MyTouch 4G Slide. Regardless, if you have any inkling to get the G2 before it completes the path to obscurity, now would be an ideal time to lace up the running shoes.