Vizio Tablet (VTAB1008) priced at $349 within Walmart's system

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.07.11

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Vizio Tablet (VTAB1008) priced at $349 within Walmart's system
Wait, Vizio's concocting a tablet? For those with chronic short-term memory loss, you may have forgotten that America's so-called low-cost TV leader branched out a bit during this year's Super Bowl, but it's been dead quiet on the tablet front ever since dropping the Via and sticking with Tablet. Looks like that's about to change, though -- a courteous tipster handed off the screenshot you see above, highlighting the appearance of a 'VTAB1008' within Walmart's inventory system. The device was just added a couple of weeks ago, and while we're still no closer to knowing if Vizio's done the right thing and settled on Honeycomb, we do know that it'll be pricing this thing competitively. How competitively? $349... competitively. We'll keep you abreast of any release dates we see, but for now, catch up by having a gander at our preview video from a few months back.

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