BBC picks Wimbledon for its first 3D broadcast in July

More than three years after testing out 3D production during a Rugby Six Nations match the BBC is ready to send out its first 3D broadcast during the men's and women's singles finals at Wimbledon. UK viewers can catch 3D tennis via the BBC HD feed on Freeview, Freesat, Virgin or Sky, July 2nd and 3rd. Here in the US ESPN 3D has already announced plans to air those matches, plus the men's semifinal, both live and reaired at more convenient local times. While Panasonic featured its 3D tech last week during the French Open at Roland Garros, Sony is going to be working the dials at Wimbledon along with the BBC as the network undertakes "a 3D TV editorial experiment." 3D Focus TV has more details like the channel listings and a behind the scenes look at a 3D promo shot to advertise movie theater screenings that will also be available during the event. So far Sky has been way out in front of the 3D push in the UK while the BBC is taking a more cautious approach, but since Wimbledon was one of the first sporting events aired in color on the BBC, it's no surprise this pops up as a test event in the run up to new broadcast technologies emerging during the London Olympics next year.