DarbeeVision teams with Sunflex to launder your HDMI video, give your picture added depth and clarity

DarbeeVision's Visual Presence technology has been sprucing up moving pictures for ages, but until now, its greater visual depth and detail could only be added in post-processing. However, there's a new version that works by scanning 165 million pixels per second and applies its visual voodoo in real-time. It's a firmware solution that can be put into any device with a processor and a screen, and the company is currently in talks with TV manufacturers to get its tech baked in. Darbee has also partnered up with Sunflex to construct a Snakebyte-branded module that does the Darbee deed externally as an HDMI pass-through. In its current form, the system's not ready for prime time, as it's comprised of three circuit boards screwed together in an unwieldy package. When it hits the market later this year, the company claims it'll be in a plastic case the size of a remote control.

We got to see the system in person at E3 2011 and found the results to be a mixed bag. Much like Belkin's RazorVision we saw years ago, Visual Presence promises to make your picture more lifelike and detailed. In the demo we saw, graphical meadows benefitted from the enhancement -- we could see individual blades of grass waving to and fro with much more clarity. However, castle walls and textured garments looked like someone cranked up the contrast to 11, which created too much visual noise for our liking. The good news is, the effect is adjustable, so you can dial in the level of detail to suit the situation and your individual taste. Sound good? Well, the device should ship by October and retail for around $150.